Check out our advices to meet someone using Hawa Love.

1. Be sincere, be careful

Experiences have shown that a good relationship is based on confidence and sincerity. Indeed, you should avoid lying. However, transparency does not exclude cautiousness. That’s why you should never give your private information on your profile, and wait until you have learned about the person before to provide your e-mail or other means to contact you.

Then, you should never give your credit card numbers, passwords, or any other information intended to remain confidential.


2. Be courteous and respectable

Hawa Love is a dating site based on respect and courtesy : do never leave any gravel content on your profile or your messages, otherwise you’ll be banned immediately.


3. Contact us!

We attach great importance to your well-being, and would like to develop a trusting relationship with you.Therefore, you can contact us at any time. For this you have two alternatives:

– The “Feedback” button on the right side of your screen, which allows you to submit your comments, ideas or testimonials.
– The link “Flag this member as inappropriate”, located on each profile, which allows you to let us know about any inappropriate behavior. Do not hesitate to send us some screenshots if you think that it could help us.


4. Beware of spammers

A spam robot is a fake automated profile which contacts you to retrieve your personal information. You can easily detect these spammers because they send the same kind of messages, which are caricatures and weird.

Check out these examples of fake messages sent by spam robots :

It’s my pleasure to write you at this moment.My name is miss Marian Kollie i saw your profile today and i wish to request for your true friendship.I have an important reason of contacting you and i hope we can share great experiences together beyond here. Write to me direct to my e-mail : (, and i will send you my picture for you to know whom i am, thanks for your understanding. I wish to hear from you soon, God bless you.

I am Felicia,
I saw your contact , and i was deeply moved.I think that you are a
very interesting person.So I decided to use the chance to get to know
you.i dont think that the age appearance is so important. The most
important is what is etc…

My name is Monica Patrick,i am a girl and i will like you to contact me with my email etc…

 Please, do not answer to these messages, and let us know by flagging as inappropriate these profiles.

Luvingly yours,

Luvmaster <3

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