Looking for your soul mate with cultural or religious affinity but don’t know where to look? Don’t worry, the following list of the best dating websites for Arabs, Maghrebians and Muslims has been set up for you. Just pick the one that suits you best!

Over the past few years, communitarian dating websites have been booming. Thanks to new technologies and because of the trend towards individualization in society, single people worldwide use more and more online dating solutions. And Muslims are no exception: they are increasingly open to online dating.

Whether you like this new way of meeting people or not, you might have to try it at some point. Is it a pious thing in line with Islamic precepts? It is an open question but Muslims, men and women, use these dating solutions more and more each year.

So which Muslim dating solution should you choose? Are these websites free? If not, how much do they cost and what are the benefits? Here come the basics you need to know to get you off to the right start.

N°4 : ‘Amour Maghreb’, one of the French pioneers

Amour Maghreb mainly focuses on French-speaking Maghrebians. With one million members, you may find your soul mate if you live in France, Maghreb, Canada or Switzerland. Unlike other websites, Amour-Maghreb does not offer any app yet, but can pride itself with a million users.

Amour Maghreb prices:

Monthly : € 29,90/month (you can cancel your subscription any time)
3 months : € 24,99 / (a € 74,97 single payment for the 3 months, i.e. a – 16% saving)
6 months : € 17,99 / month (a € 107,94 single payment for the 6 months, i.e. a – 33% saving)

No Amour Maghreb app for now. Let’s hope for an update soon!

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N°3 : Muslima

Muslima, the direct competitor of Inshallah, is an international reference on the market. It is perfect for practising Muslims. Focused on religion, this website enables you to find love through physical descriptions but also common values and way of life. In France, about 400.000 visits a month have been recorded and 5 million people worldwide.
Muslima prices:

Free subscription for women. For men, the prices are the following:

1 month : € 29,98
3 months: € 19,99/ month (59,98 €) -33%
12 months: € 10,00 (€119,98) -67%.

Muslima is available on Google Play for Android but weirdly enough not on Apple App Store.

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N°2 : Inshallah

«A match if God wills » defines the philosophy of Inshallah.com This website favors Muslim matches in line with Islamic values. The main goal is to find a life partner in the most pious way. But you could also find friends. Inshallah is an international reference in Muslim dating websites.

If you are a practising and single Muslim looking for love and wedding, Inshallah is what you need.

Inshallah prices:

Free subscription for women. For men, the prices are the following:

1 month: € 9,95
3 months: € 6,55/month (19,60 €) -33%
12 months: € 4,16 (€ 49,92 ) -67%.

There are iOs and Android apps.

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N°1 : Minder, the hallal Tinder

Minder does not belong to the past: it is totally future-oriented. You might not find it sophisticated, but the results works effectively. It works exactly like Tinder, but Muslim oriented. With their tagline: ‘The place for awesome Muslims to meet’ they want to innovate.

According to their figures, there are 250.000 users in the world. You could criticize the resemblance with Tinder which might not be completely in line with Islamic values for some of you, but it does bring innovation to Muslim dating solutions with a touch of modernity.

The Minder app is free, but there is a Premium subscription starting at $4,99 a month, with advances features. Minder is only available on iOs and Android app. There are no web site.

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If you did not find your dating solution here, you can still try Hawa Love ;)

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